xbox harddrive

The xbox harddrive is one of the things that makes the xbox the universal power seller that it is today. There are many different variesties of xbox harddrive that you can buy, including 20Gb, 40Gb, 60Gb and 120Gb. All of these versions are compatible with all of xbox top games. For anyone who doesn’t know, Gb is an abbreviation of gigabyte.

The xbox harddrive allows the gamer to save all their game play from their top games, save videos, save music, save photos, just to name a few of it’s wonderful features. For many people its just about the games, but some gamers like to use the 120Gb to take full advantage of all the features.

Many people like to buy an xbox 360 with a small harddrive for quite cheap, and then buy a large harddrive and replace it. So, if you are one of these people I have included a short video showing how to remove an xbox harddrive. It is a very simple task.

If your thinking on buying a new xbox harddrive, my advice to you is to get a cheap one of eBay, and use the video above to replace you existing xbox harddrive.

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