xbox 360 xbcd

Many people ask me what is an xbox 360 xbcd cotroller. To be honest, i am not 100% clear myself as i do not have the xbox 360 xbcd driver myself. However, from looking up the web and asking some gaming friends, i think i have an answer. But, if its not correct, feel freee to comment, and i will change this post.

An xbox 360 xbcd controller is basically a driver for the xbox 369 controller that lets gamers use this controller on the PC. Its a handy thing to have as it allows PC gamers to use xbox controllers, instead of the keypad. This means that you’ll be able to play all of you xbox top games, and xbox burnt games again!

Keep watching the site, because i will insert a video very soon that will help you to install the xbox 360 xbcd controller.

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  2. Issac Maez says:

    Just read throught the whole topic. Seems interesting. A questions that has been bugging me about the gaming industry is how activision can continue to charge for DLC… Surely thats not right

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