Second hand 360

With the current economic climate, an xbox 360, or any the next generation top console can be very expensive, and in may cases, not possible.  To me that is why a second hand 360 is the best option, and sometimes the lest expensive.
There are many advantages of buying a second hand 360, rather than a brand new one.  The most obvious is that you could save up to one hundred and fifty pounds.  On ebsy, some second hand 360 consoles sell for about fifty pound.  This is a huge saving considering theat xbox elite’s are worth over two hundred pounds.

Another advantage is that you can easily buy a new xbox harddrive for the console to suit all of your gaming needs.  You can buy a second hand 360 without an xbox harddrive, and get your own harddrive, saving even more money!

However, there are disadvantages to buying a secong hand 360.  The first being that you probably wont get any warranty, so if it breaks, you have to get a new one.  Another disadvantage is that, you need to be 100% confident in the seller.  If your unfortunate, you might be sold a faulty xbox, that has the three red lights of death!

Another option that many people like to choose is to buy a second hand 360, and then get it modded.  This means that you can play xbox burnt games (the best xbox game) on your console.  These xbox burnt games will cost you about three pounds each. One tenth the normal price!!  However, i don’t think palying xbox burnt games is legal, so don’t do it just incase.  Just buy a second hand 360, and play normal games on it.

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