Rockbad is a great game that gets the player involved and  is a lot of fun for the whole family. If you have never played a music game, or your an expert, either way, i highly recommend it.There are over 80 songs on the disc, with hundreds of dlc so you will never get bored. This is why i think that rockband can be classified as one of xbox top games, and on of PlayStation top games. Your rockband list, the songs that you have, can be changed to suit your style of music. With thousands of songs to choose from your rockband list can increase all of the time.

You can also send them a message requesting new songs. I have requested a journey rockband game, as i am a very big fan of Journey and want to increase my rockband list. Fingers cross my dream of a journey rockband comes true!

The controllers for rockband are very easy to use, and very life like. They can be quite expensive, but i picked mine up on ebay for around forty pound. All together, it is one of xbox top games and one of PlayStation top games.

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