The PSP Go (PlayStation portable) is a magnificent handheld console. The PSP Go is smaller than the three earlier generations but its look is not very different. It’s best features include built in Blue-tooth, slide-out controls, smaller in size, its easy connection to the PS3 and also that you do not need to carry or be scared of losing your UMD disk because you can now download multiple games, therefore all you have to do is download the games from the PlayStation Store or then from your PC and transfer it to a USB. This way you can get the top games ps3 on your PSP

The best thing I think about the PSP Go is that exploring the Internet could never be easier. You can connect to any Wi-fi around. Also the screen size for videos is superb.

The bad things about the PSP Go is that it is very pricey.  According to Sony the reason it is so high in price (only a few pounds cheaper than the PS3) is because of its download-able content. Another bad thing is the lack of a touch screen on the PSP unlike the nitendo.

My conclusion is that the PSP Go is disappointing in  its high price and its lack of touch screen, but i like the downloadable content. Even know there a many good features in it, my advice is to save one hundred pounds and buy a nitendo.

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