PS3 Wireless Keypad

Classic controller

The Sony wireless keypad for the PlayStation 3 is a great accessories for anyone who loves to surf the net, or chat with their friends.

The Keypad has a very efficient and stylish design where it clips very easily onto the normal ps3 controller. This means that you don’t have to switch between controllers. Another good feature of this keypad is that it is compatible with the top games ps3, like the fifa ps3 game. After all these top games ps3 are the most important things, so being able to use them at the same time is a big bonus.

It is very handy for anyone who often uses the ps3, however, it isn’t necessary, and to me that’s why its not as big an accessories as it could and possibly should be. At twenty five pound RRP its not really good value for money unless you will be using it every day, as you would be using the top games ps3 like the fifa ps3 game.

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