Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a must have for pes lovers. However, i must admit, as a pes lover myself, that the fifa ps3 game may have just overtaken pro this year. Its still one of xbox top games and one of PlayStation top games, but it hasn’t progressed as well as the fifa ps3 game in the last three years.

The football in pro evolution 2010 is very similar to 2009. Basically it just looks like pes 2009, with the players upgraded. Although this  is true, i think that they have actually improved the graphics, and i would go as far as saying that they may be better than that of the fifa ps3 game.

Nevertheless, the pes kitserver in pro evo 2010 has improved dramatically from the 2009 version. The pes kitserver i think is also a lot better than fifa’s. There is a lot more detail in each kit, for each team. To me, its the small things like the pes kitserver, that can really sell a game.

All in all pes 2010 is a must buy for all pro fans, as it will be one of xbox top games and one of PlayStation top games.

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