Playstation 3

The PlayStation 3, to me is the most versatile console on the market. As well as playing PlayStation top games, you can surf the net, watch the latest movies, make a picture gallery, or even watch BBC television.

There are unlimited things to do on the ps3, and with more exciting accessories to come, for example, the PlayStation move, i believe that the ps3 will only get better.

Many people ask me, which ps3 should i buy, and i always tell them that its completely dependant upon whether; you need a lot of space for movies etc. or you only want to play games. That should basically be the only thing you consider when purchasing a ps3. However, PlayStation 3 finance plays a big roll in deciding which ps3 to buy. They can be very expensive, so your PlayStation 3 finance needs to be spot on when deciding, which ps3?

If you are still undecided in whether to buy a ps3, the main thing is, do you like the PlayStation top games. If not, get an xbox, because at the end of the day the gaming is the most important factor, not the extras.

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  1. Fine initiative! Have anyone checked out the NEW PS3 Motion Sention joypad? is kinda cool, I have added a movieclip on my site. if you have a min check my profile link or go to

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