MX vs ATV is a great game that lets the user experience just what being a motor racer is really like. Its a very fun game for experts or begginers, like me. You will never get bored with an array of different courses available. To me it os one of xbox top games and one of playstation top games.There are many different game modes that you can play, including a normal race, a stunt race, and there are lots of fun mini games that are also great for two players. Its the type of game that anyone can play, and its on of the top games ps3. Below is a trailer for the new MX vs ATV.

A lot of people i know say that they would love it if MX vs ATV brought out more games for the nitendo. The nitendo really does seam to suit the game. If it is one of xbox top games and one of playstation top games, then it could be big on the nitendo. I believe that it is actually one of xbox burnt games.

MX vs ATV does have a very big rival to contend with, Motorstorm. Motorstorm is a very good game, and a very big game. In fact its one of the top games ps3. So, i dont think that MX vs ATV can compete against one of xbox top games like motorstorm.

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