MX vs ATV Tips

For any of you who have played MX vs ATV Untamed, its quite difficult, especially for people like me, who just play it every once in a while for a bit of fun. Anyone who is a pro at this game, then this post may be a waste of your time, but it is worthwhile for anyone else.

My first of the mx vs atv tips, and most important tip is for going over jumps.  To increase your height in the jump, your speed going out of the jump and to make the jump look pretty cool, move the right analogue stick down then up, quickly, just as the jump begins to slope.  This can be a very effective method, as it can take out up to four other jumps.  The video below shows some great examples of this.

My second of the mx vs atv tips, is to always keep in rhythm.  If your not in a correct rhythm, you will make the game very hard for yourself, and it will be impossible to control the motorbike/quad.  Watch the video below, and if you have any other mx vs atv tips, please leave a comment and i will add it in.

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