Motorstorm multiplayer

Motorstorm, to me, is a great game, probably the best in its genre.  The only other competition for motorstorm that I can think of is MXvs ATV, which is a decent game, but dosen’t offer the same level of control or quality.  Motorstorm also has another big advantage over its rivals; motorstorm multiplayer.  This allows you to play online against your friends, or any other gamers.Motorstorm multiplayer is a great way to engage with other racers, and compete for the crown of being the king.  There are also many mini games that you can play for an extra bit of fun, and if you really love this game, there is loads of dlc, including new map packs, so you’ll never get bored.

For me, however, the motorstorm multiplayer has a few flaws.  For example, its full of expert drivers who enhilliate me in every single race.  There should be a way to race against people who are at the same level as you, like the pes 11 system.

All in all, its a great game, and the multiplayer section just adds to the excitement.  My advice is to buy Pacific Rift, the version, it has some really good maps and improved graphics.

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