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At this minute in time there is no such thing as a gta gamepad.  This is because, as you may have guessed from searching the net, they haven’t actually made one yet. However, i have hared rumours that Rockstar games may develop one for the new gta game that is out at the moment.The gta gamepad would be a great accessory for any gta fanatic, and anyone who likes to collect different gamepads.  I don’t know for sure if there is a gta gamepad being made, and if you know, or have any thoughts please comment and tell me your view.

At the minute the closet thing you can get to a gta gamepad is a console package with a normal gamepad.  I think that rockstar games would sell at least fifty thousand gamepads, so it would be good for them, and even better for us gamers!!  Just take a look at the call of duty gamepad.  They are selling like hotcakes and mean that you can play the best ps3 game with style.  I also think that a gamepad for the fifa ps3 game would be very good.

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