Fifa ps3 game

The fifa ps3 game is a great football game that brings the best of new technology together with our love of football. It is the best selling football game on the market today, which tells you that it is a good quality game.

The fifa ps3 game has improved dramatically over the last four or five years, especially compared to its number one competitor, pro evolution soccer.  For years, pro evolution soccer has been the number one game, but, the fifa ps3 game, i believe has now overtaken this and will progress even further in the future. EA have added numerous new game modes to the fifa ps3 game in the last few years. This has really put distance between fifa and pro, and i think it will continue to distance the two games.

The fifa ps3 game has great football gameplay, and graphics. It is also fully licensed for all teams and players. This means that you will get all of the teams and all of the players, from the top leagues throughput Europe and the world. The kits for all of the top teams are very life like which adds to your experience and makes the game feel more realistic. Even as I am writing this fifa ps3 review, i am still playing the game because its that good.

All round the fifa ps3 game is a brillinat game, that will only improve over the next few years.

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