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There are many cricket games for both gaming consoles, and online games.  So, whats the best game?   To me the best game is usually, the newset version of the game, or the latest big game out in that genre.  Basically because sinct the previous game, technology has developed to make it better, and you can use the reaction of gamers to improve upon the game.It can be quote confusing for those people who are’nt exactly gaming fanatics, because there are so many different games in each genre.  My advice is, if you don’t konw  what to buy eithter leave a comment, and i will research it, or go with the big name, like EA Sports, there games are normally the best.

At the minute there are two big cricket games for gaming consoles;  Cricket 2010 and Cricket Revolution.  I think that an Ashes 2010 game will also be releaed closer to the Ashes series.  But, get the cricket 2010 game, it looks much better.

I’ve done some research, as i haven’t actually played either of the two games, and to me, Cricket 2010 looks like a good solid game, and should be your first choice.  However, if you don’t believe me, I have left a trailer for both of the videos below.

Cricket 2010

Cricket Revolution

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