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Cricket 2010 Game

There are many cricket games for both gaming consoles, and online games.  So, whats the best game?   To me the best game is usually, the newset version of the game, or the latest big game out in that genre.  Basically because sinct the previous game, technology has developed to make it better, and you [...]

Motorstorm Soundtrack

As i have stated in previous articles, motorstorm is a great game.  It has everything to make an off road racing game brilliant, wonderful tracks, fanastic graphics and the game is set in some lovely scenery. Play games on Top Games 2 U

Motorstorm multiplayer

Motorstorm, to me, is a great game, probably the best in its genre.  The only other competition for motorstorm that I can think of is MXvs ATV, which is a decent game, but dosen’t offer the same level of control or quality.  Motorstorm also has another big advantage over its rivals; motorstorm multiplayer.  This allows [...]

MX vs ATV Tips

For any of you who have played MX vs ATV Untamed, its quite difficult, especially for people like me, who just play it every once in a while for a bit of fun. Anyone who is a pro at this game, then this post may be a waste of your time, but it is worthwhile [...]

Rugby 08 xbox 360

EA sports new game, rugby 08 xbox 360, gives user the ability to play get as close to the action of an international rugby match as possible. Experience the Rugby World Cup 2007 as you challenge the best teams are their players.  The game includes the officaly liscensed teams and players. This means that you [...]

2010 Fifa World Cup

2010 Fifa world cup game

Its that time again. When the whole world goes football crazy, and everybody on the planet tunes in to watch the football. And of course, when the world cup is on, there will be a world cup game. And the gaming world go crazy for it every four years. Play games on Top Games 2 [...]

Second hand 360

With the current economic climate, an xbox 360, or any the next generation top console can be very expensive, and in may cases, not possible.  To me that is why a second hand 360 is the best option, and sometimes the lest expensive. Play games on Top Games 2 U

socom xbox 360

The socom games are the pinical of tactical gaming.  They are the masters of bringing the gamer into the action, and really getting the gamer involved.  You feel as if you’re involved, and that you NEED to get your next move right. Play games on Top Games 2 U

xbox 360 xbcd

Many people ask me what is an xbox 360 xbcd cotroller. To be honest, i am not 100% clear myself as i do not have the xbox 360 xbcd driver myself. However, from looking up the web and asking some gaming friends, i think i have an answer. But, if its not correct, feel freee [...]

Pes 11

Pro evolution soccer 11 (pes 11) is set to be one of the best games this year. As usual it will be on of xbox top games and one of the PlayStation top games. The graphics as they always are, look absolutely stunning, and the game play seems to have greatly improve also. Play games [...]

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