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Online Cricket Games

Inside the last couple of years, online cricket games have become a lot more popular, as cricket in general has got more worldwide support. This has lead to the development of many new online cricket games, that have just been getting better and better, and look like they will be the new face of online [...]

Warship Games Online

In recent days many of my usual readers have been wanting me to review warship games online, so here it is. Since I was young I have always been interested in Warship Games online. The best warship games online at the minute are: Warship Strafe Tank Tactics Battle Ships Big Battle Tanks World Wars 2 [...]

Motorstorm Soundtrack

As i have stated in previous articles, motorstorm is a great game.  It has everything to make an off road racing game brilliant, wonderful tracks, fanastic graphics and the game is set in some lovely scenery. Play games on Top Games 2 U

2010 Fifa World Cup

2010 Fifa world cup game

Its that time again. When the whole world goes football crazy, and everybody on the planet tunes in to watch the football. And of course, when the world cup is on, there will be a world cup game. And the gaming world go crazy for it every four years. Play games on Top Games 2 [...]

Best computer game ever

What is the best computer game ever? Well, that really depends on what games you like, and everyones favourites will be different.  Play games on Top Games 2 U

Pes 11

Pro evolution soccer 11 (pes 11) is set to be one of the best games this year. As usual it will be on of xbox top games and one of the PlayStation top games. The graphics as they always are, look absolutely stunning, and the game play seems to have greatly improve also. Play games [...]

Fifa 10

Fifa 10

Fifa 10 is a great game, that shows the love of football for the whole nation. The fifa ps3 game is one of xbox top games and one of PlayStation top games. Its really defines how gaming technology has came on in the last few years. Play games on Top Games 2 U

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 is a must have for pes lovers. However, i must admit, as a pes lover myself, that the fifa ps3 game may have just overtaken pro this year. Its still one of xbox top games and one of PlayStation top games, but it hasn’t progressed as well as the fifa ps3 game [...]


Rockbad is a great game that gets the player involved and  is a lot of fun for the whole family. If you have never played a music game, or your an expert, either way, i highly recommend it. Play games on Top Games 2 U

Grand Theft Auto IV

No doubt that Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game, as all GTA games are. However every time a new GTA is released, we compare it to Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which they never live up to. Play games on Top Games 2 U

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