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Windows headset

The windows headset is a great accessory for the PC.  It can be used for many purposes.  Online gaming, video conferencing, talking to friends and recording yourself, to name but a few. Play games on Top Games 2 U

GTA gamepad

At this minute in time there is no such thing as a gta gamepad.  This is because, as you may have guessed from searching the net, they haven’t actually made one yet. However, i have hared rumours that Rockstar games may develop one for the new gta game that is out at the moment. Play [...]

Call of duty gamepad

The call of duty gamepad is a great accessory that you can buy for the PC, xbox and i think it is also compatible with the PlayStation 3. Using the call of duty gamepad, you can play the best ps3 game, to the highest possible standard and get as much fun out of your gaming [...]

xbox 360 xbcd

Many people ask me what is an xbox 360 xbcd cotroller. To be honest, i am not 100% clear myself as i do not have the xbox 360 xbcd driver myself. However, from looking up the web and asking some gaming friends, i think i have an answer. But, if its not correct, feel freee [...]

PS3 Wireless Keypad

Classic controller

The Sony wireless keypad for the PlayStation 3 is a great accessories for anyone who loves to surf the net, or chat with their friends. Play games on Top Games 2 U

xbox harddrive

The xbox harddrive is one of the things that makes the xbox the universal power seller that it is today. There are many different variesties of xbox harddrive that you can buy, including 20Gb, 40Gb, 60Gb and 120Gb. All of these versions are compatible with all of xbox top games. For anyone who doesn’t know, [...]

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