Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an exciting new first person shooter, that is set to be one of xbox top games and one of the PlayStation top games.  The multi player mode will be looked forward to immensely due the best selling game of the year for 2008, Call of Duty 4.  No doubt the multi player will be brilliant as last time, but many gamers expressed their regret at the length of the call of duty levels.  The question mark over this game is whether infinity ward will increase the length of the call of duty levels, or whether they will concentrate on their award winning multi player mode.  Whatever Infinity Ward decide to do, MW2 is set to be one of xbox top games, and possibly even one of PlayStation top games!

The Call of duty levels, I think should be a worry to first person shooter enthusiasts.  Not only because of their length, but also due to the fact that call of duty walkthrough, and call of duty tricks will be posted all over the Internet, for all gamers to see.  This means that the top gamers may not get recognised for their success.

A huge problem for Infinity Ward in cod4 and inevitably in MW2 will be call of duty walkthrough, and mainly call of duty tricks.  There will more than likely be many glitches and call of duty tricks, that Infinity Ward will need to patch up.

In my view MW2 will be one of xbox top games, and one of PlayStation top games, it is a must buy for all gamers.

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  2. wow , i just cant wait for this gamewow i just cannot wait for this game

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