Call of duty gamepad

The call of duty gamepad is a great accessory that you can buy for the PC, xbox and i think it is also compatible with the PlayStation 3. Using the call of duty gamepad, you can play the best ps3 game, to the highest possible standard and get as much fun out of your gaming as possible.

The call of duty gamepad looks stunning with its camouflaged colour and its added features to improve from any normal controller.  It really does look cool, and all of your friends would envy you if you had one.  The call of duty gamepad can also be modded, so that it can use the rapid fire feature that many other controllers have, however, this is illegal so i wouldn’t advise on it.

The call of duty gamepad was made for those people who love cod.  It was specifically designed for playing the call of duty series, however, it is also compatible with socom xbox 360, and the psp version is compatible with the old psp call of duty 3 game.

So, if you love cod, or even socom xbox 360, the call of duty gamepad could be a nice accessory to show off in front of your mates, but its not a must have.

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