Big red one call of duty

Big red one Call of Duty was a brilliant game for the playstation 2, the xbox and of course the PC.  It was the second Call of Duty and to be honest, it was a fantastic game for its time.  It rivalled Medal of Honour which was THE war game untill Modern Warfare came onto the scene.Big red one Call of Duty, also know as call of duty 2, was set in Russia, as the name suggests, and was set in world war two, as all war games were untill modern warfare came out.  Its a very good game, but it played second fiddle to Medal of Honor for years.

Below is a trailer of big red one call of duty.

Big red one call of duty dosen’t have the best shooting or gameplay, however, i think that the storyline is great.  It really gets the player involved.  There are so many newer games than big red one call of duty, so there is no point buying it now.  I would advise Modern Warfare 2 if your’e getting a war game, or wait until the ninth of november Call of Duty: Black Ops is released.

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  1. I downloaded Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 about a week ago and, despite the fact its a”dusty” game, its the best nds game in my opinion ;)

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