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Second hand 360

With the current economic climate, an xbox 360, or any the next generation top console can be very expensive, and in may cases, not possible.  To me that is why a second hand 360 is the best option, and sometimes the lest expensive. Play games on Top Games 2 U

socom xbox 360

The socom games are the pinical of tactical gaming.  They are the masters of bringing the gamer into the action, and really getting the gamer involved.  You feel as if you’re involved, and that you NEED to get your next move right. Play games on Top Games 2 U

PSP Call of Duty 3

Call of duty 3 is probably the best ever psp game.  Its at the top of the ranks for graphics, gameplay and storyline, probably the three most important aspects of a video game.  Its at the top of the ranks even though there have been a further three relaeses in the world defined Call of [...]

Best ps3 game

So what is the best ps3 game? To be honest its different for each different person.  It depends what game genres you prefer, and what games you do not like. Play games on Top Games 2 U

xbox 360 xbcd

Many people ask me what is an xbox 360 xbcd cotroller. To be honest, i am not 100% clear myself as i do not have the xbox 360 xbcd driver myself. However, from looking up the web and asking some gaming friends, i think i have an answer. But, if its not correct, feel freee [...]

Best computer game ever

What is the best computer game ever? Well, that really depends on what games you like, and everyones favourites will be different.  Play games on Top Games 2 U

Pes 11

Pro evolution soccer 11 (pes 11) is set to be one of the best games this year. As usual it will be on of xbox top games and one of the PlayStation top games. The graphics as they always are, look absolutely stunning, and the game play seems to have greatly improve also. Play games [...]

PS3 Slim

The PS3 slim is that latest invention from Sony. It is really the same as the original console except smaller. The slim version is still compatible with all of the playstation top games.I think that the best features of the PS3 Slim are the amount of power consumed and the weight. Play games on Top [...]

Fifa 10

Fifa 10

Fifa 10 is a great game, that shows the love of football for the whole nation. The fifa ps3 game is one of xbox top games and one of PlayStation top games. Its really defines how gaming technology has came on in the last few years. Play games on Top Games 2 U


MX vs ATV is a great game that lets the user experience just what being a motor racer is really like. Its a very fun game for experts or begginers, like me. You will never get bored with an array of different courses available. To me it os one of xbox top games and one [...]

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