2010 Fifa World Cup

2010 Fifa world cup game

Its that time again. When the whole world goes football crazy, and everybody on the planet tunes in to watch the football. And of course, when the world cup is on, there will be a world cup game. And the gaming world go crazy for it every four years.

The game itself is wonderfull.  Many of my friends have stressed the fact that it will be a carbon copy of the fifa ps3 game.  However, having played the game myself, i dont believe that this is true.  The game is a big improvement on the fifa ps3 game, and will probably be the best ps3 game this year so far.

The graphics are better, the shooting has been improved, and there are some really, really good celebrations that have been added in.  Watch the trailer below to see for yourself.

The game has a great online feature so that you can play in the world cup against anybody in the world.  If you like football games, or you just love the world cup, then the 2010 Fifa World Cup game is a must buy, and the best ps3 game you will get for a long while.

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